Our Mission

To foster transformative justice as the foundation for real and sustainable peace in Syria, by supporting organic civil society development and promoting discourses and narratives within and around the Syrian context that are rights-based, pluralistic, inclusive and that facilitate holistic truth and understanding.

Our Story

Founded in 2013, Badael is a non-governmental organization that envisions sustainable peace and a rights-based society for Syria. Rooted in the story of the Syrian uprising and the emergence of civil society, we stand behind the Syrian groups, activists, and citizens who ignited the revolution in 2011.

Building on the momentum of the revolution, we embrace a grassroots philosophy to bolster the work of civil society through direct support and narrative-shaping efforts, with the goal of seeking sustainable and transformative alternatives to violence and oppression.

Our values

Active citizenship: We promote the meaningful participation of diverse groups in efforts to bring about positive change.

Transparency and accountability: Key aspects of any sustainable peace, we strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and financial responsibility.

Gender equality: Women should enjoy the same rights, representation, and opportunities as men. Increasing women’s participation in peacebuilding processes is a necessary precondition for their success.

Non-violence: We firmly reject all forms of violence. Violence prevents people from reaching their full potential and is counterproductive to the transformation of conflict.

Pluralism and diversity: Energetic engagement with diversity and actively seeking understanding across lines of difference is emphasized throughout our work.

Equality: Equal rights and opportunities for all individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender, or religion is the cornerstone of a just and democratic society.

Freedom, dignity, and justice: All Syrians have the right to dignified lives free from fear and be able to express their opinions and views without the threat.

Active citizenship,
Transparency and accountability,
Gender equality,
Pluralism and diversity,
Freedom, dignity, and justice,

Our Team

Board Members

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Haid Haid

Syrian columnist and a consulting associate fellow of the Chatham House Middle East and North Africa Programme.

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Karam S. Nachar

A Syrian academic and writer. Executive editor of Al-Jumhuriya, an award-winning independent media platform.

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Anna Nolan

A creative communicator who has delivered campaigns that have reached hundreds of millions.

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Himmat Zoubi

Palestinian feminist activist and researcher, Ph.D. in Sociology and award-winning work on gender, cities and settler colonialism.

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Alia Mossallam

A published researcher, experimentative pedagogue and founder of various public history projects exploring popular storytelling practices.

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Management Team

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Oula Ramadan

The founder and Director of Badael with over 14 years of experience in human rights, peacebuilding, and sexual and gender-based violence.

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Kinan Azzouz

Finance and admin manager at Badael, he has a proven track record in development and finance with local and international organizations.

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Saria Krayem

Communication and Fundraising Manager, a Syrian feminist and experienced project manager in the international development cooperation sector.

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